April 16, 2020
New EP Album “BURN” Released
Written by Kanroc


We are excited to announce our newest EP / album release.

Album title: BURN

  1. Shes Jogging With Them Shorts On (Remix)
  2. Burn (Remix)
  3. Like Santa Claus Said (I Dont Judge Her – Remix)
  4. How many Men Must Die (EDM)

This will be released on digitally through Metal Roz Records. Release date is set for Q4 2020.

To preview the album, click here.

About the Artist

Kanroc Xpitaf lives and works in Houston, Texas, where he is a Hip Hop and Rap Artist at Metal Roz Records. His fascination with words and lyrics started at an early age and has matured into a unique rhythmic style of Hip Hop and Rock. His Urban poetry centers around the emotions experienced in the confrontation with iniquities in a world full of moral challenges. Read more about the artist here.

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