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by Kanroc

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Yes ladies, please enjoy your Free Download, “IF I HAD A FAIRYTALE” which is an anthem created by Kanroc Xpitaf, for the true life love story of a mob boss (who fell in love with a young lady he couldn’t take with him as his journey continued… deep in the underworld); who ironically asked his dear friend Kanroc to create a customized theme; in remembrance of his romantic short lived love affair with a very attractive woman he’ll never in this lifetime see again.

So Kanroc designed a fictional tale of a newly built romance between a man and a woman; in which the man unexpectedly died but was still able to communicate with his love interest from a place after death; ONLY by use of his cell phone.

But once the battery of his cell phone dies, they would forever be lost and separated from each other.

Meanwhile, from this concept came the anthem that was requested by this mob boss; who later after enjoying this customized theme told Kanroc to release it to the world.

So now without any hesitation, prepare yourself for the romantic spoken word love ballad “IF I HAD A FAIRYTALE” by the poetical scientist Kanroc Xpitaf

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